Snow & Pigskin

Yesterday was a very exciting day for little Hudson! A couple of days ago, the local news channels started predicting snow for North Alabama. As you probably already know, Alabama doesn't see much snow, so the slightest chance in the forecast brings excitement. It also brings out the crazies...1/2 inch of snow in the weather report means droves of people at the local grocery store. Will had to go pick up a few things, and not only were the grocery shelves bare of milk & eggs, there was absolutely no ground beef to be found! That seemed odd to me. I guess people were planning to sit at home, eat hamburgers, and watch the flakes fall. But, I digress. When we woke up on the morning of January 7th, the snow was falling. Albeit very very small snowflakes, it still counts. It continued to snow for most of the day, so when Will came home for lunch, we put on our boots, bundled up our little bundle of love, and trudged outside to proudly show off the tiny flakes of snow to the little man. It was below freezing so we had to be quick. Hudson didn't even seem to notice the cold or the snow. Oh well! We got some cute pics in the process! Not only was this Hudson's first snow day, it was also the night of the BCS Championship game. After an undefeated season, Alabama took on the Texas Longhorns. Hudson was born just before the football season started, and he has yet to see Alabama lose a game! We think that he is a good luck charm for the Crimson Tide!! Needless to say, his good luck carried the Tide through the Championship Game, and they came out victorious in the end! Hudson has always been so alert; he always seems to know what he's watching on television. He shows interest in football, probably because he and Will have had a Saturday morning routine of watching games since he was born. Here are a few pictures of Hudson supporting the Crimson Tide over the past few months.
I wonder if Hudson will miss this Saturday tradition now that football season is over?

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