5 Months

Time flies when you're having fun. Hudson turns 5 months old today, and I can hardly believe it! What a sweet little boy he is. He has changed so much since August! He does a lot these days that make us laugh; For example, when I hold him, he likes to turn his head completely upside down and look around! This may not sound very entertaining, but I promise you it is! He'll just hang his head back and look around, or watch tv, or suck on his hands. And when doing this, he has no intentions of sitting upright. Most of the time he gets upset when we try to lift his head from an upside down position. Will and I joke about Hudson being part vampire bat! Hmmmm....I may or may not have read three volumes of Twilight while I was expecting him.....I'll never tell. ;)

For Christmas, Santa brought Hudson a Baby Einstein exersaucer/bouncy. He hasn't been to fond of it. At first when we placed him in it, he would just hang there. No bouncing. Just looking at us with sad eyes....like, "What are you doing to me?". Slowly, he began to show interest in the toys attached. Mostly the little frog attached to a mirror. And finally, today he began to bounce! I was doing some things around the house, and had put Hudson in his bouncy. After about 10 minutes of running around the house, it ocurred to me that he wasn't crying to get out, like he usually is after only a few moments. I peeked in at him, and there he was, bouncing like crazy! It was so cute! I wish I had my camera handy when I spotted him, but I didn't, and then he spotted me, and the crying began. You see, Hudson's a pretty clever fellow; he is perfectly fine entertaining himself for a small period of time in his swing, or his playmat, or bouncy, but that is ONLY until he sees you nearby. I suppose he thinks that if I'm in his sights I should be holding him. Nonstop. While this can get tricky around dinner time, or while doing light housework, I do not mind holding him one bit. I know that all too soon he will no longer want me to snuggle with him so much. And, wow, does that make me sad. Here is a video of Hudson in his bouncy:

Untitled from Ashley Beadle on Vimeo.

Hudson does a lot of jibber jabbing. And he always looks at us, like" Don't you understand what I'm saying?". We just respond, and hope that we are answering the questions he's asking. He is no longer content just sitting in our laps. No sir, he likes to stand up (supported of course). I really do believe this fellow is strong. He tried to hold up his little head at one month old. He's on the fast track to something wonderful. I love watching him grow and learn...I just wish I could slow down the clock! He'll be running through the house before we know it.

In holy cow-I'm getting old news, my 28th birthday was on the 5th. Will & my Mom&Dad sent me tons of balloons! I've always loved balloons, and now it is obvious that Hudson does too! He discovered them floating around, and stared at them for a solid five minutes. He was so excited when I held him up to them, and let him touch them. Guess I know what we'll have at his 1st Birthday party!

In some not so pleasant news, Hudson is teething. And it's not fun at all. Bless his heart, he just cries because his little gums hurt. Worst part is that there's nothing we can do,but comfort him. Poor little guy! I hope this doesn't last too long!

And, now for some more unfortunate news. If I could get paid for losing my hair, I could consider myself gainfully employed. I knew it was bound to happen (your normal hairloss slows during pregnancy and resumes with a vengeance after you give birth), but this is ridiculous. It’s everywhere and it's gross. It can stop any day now. I’d really rather not end up resembling crazy Britney anytime soon.

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